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Why Debunking and Offensive Posturing is a Wa

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Thank you Jackal for this wonderful thread. Mabon has stated my beliefs above perfectly. We are not here to do anything but share and be respectful of others. I tend to be more of a believer BUT I AM ALSO SKEPTICAL. I have my own opinions on certain situations.

Glad you are enjoying it :)~Jackal

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JackalnChainz.....great post...i agree...everything is not always as it appears...but being on forums you do get a certain amount of cincerned people who try their beat to help you explain or understand the answer to your questions...you just have to weed out the b-ser's and keep on going....


Yes, for the most part, this forum appears to actually have some socially redeeming qualities, and serve a purpose to the curious, and the afflicted, world-wide. I enjoy being a part of it. ~Jackal

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