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Bible Doomsday Theories

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For everyone who has read the "end" of the bible what say we debate on what certain things represent? in my opinion the lady who gives the men her "Fruits"

but then leaves them in despair could be....

  • Some sort of global whore?
  • or the leader of some sort of orginization
as far as the fire from the sky...
  • nuclear war
  • plain o'l bombs
  • asteroids
  • or the failing of the atmosphere
and just for the sake of debate and avoiding another relegious argument lets just assume this is true ok?

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[*]Some sort of global whore?

Hmmm...that is one way to look at it...I've never heard that term before.

I am not sure what the lady is supposed to represent, but I just had to reply to the "global whore" snippit... tongue.gif

As for the fire from the sky, I think that has been a pretty common term through the ages to represent any generic catastrophe...I am not sure if it was supposed to be translated into any specific threat...

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It's been a while, I'd have to read up again but my first thoughts when I read the post were...

Some sort of organization, or, those with a certain mode of thought...

going with my theories on God and energy/waves... and Tesla's claims that he could "Zap" people with certain thoughts... or the stories of atlantis with the same idea... or in the vedas that has that same concept... or something about commiting murder in your head possibly being just as bad as really doing it... it's possible people could be identified by their thought processes, and this could be the lady... but again I need to read up on it I could be way off...

the fire thing...

Napalm! Meteor? Conventional weapons... some chemical reaction we have yet to witness in humanity... miracle...

But to give a really good answer I'd have to read it all again... that was more of a brainstorm from what I "think" I remember...

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