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pai mei

The electric nature of the Universe

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Some scientists say that the main forces that are responsible for what happens in the Universe are electric in nature.

The electric universe theory can explain the shape of the galaxies, and the fact that they hold together , the gravitational theory cannot do that, it has to presume the existence of "dark matter", that makes 90% of the entire mass of the Universe, without it the galaxies would just fly apart, the gravitational force is too weak to keep them in once piece. Stars and galaxies are united because of these forces

A documentary : - the part about our Sun

The established theory that says the Sun is a giant nuclear reactor that transforms hydrogen into helium cannot explain why the sunspots reveal dark areas underneath them, and why the corona of the Sun has a temperature of millions of degrees, when the surface of the Sun is only a few thousands of degrees hot

"The satellites have found evidence for magnetic ropes connecting Earth's upper atmosphere directly to the Sun," says Dave Sibeck, project scientist for the mission at the Goddard Space Flight Center. "We believe that solar wind particles flow in along these ropes, providing energy for geomagnetic storms and


Of course we must recognize that the hole they found is in fact "perfectly normal" for our universe, it simply defies our computer modeling entirely. While EU theory predicts a threaded and non uniform universe, Big Bang theory has consistently predicted a smooth, nearly homogenous universe that is practically devoid of these sorts of "gaping holes" in the universe. In fact, a nearly homogenous universe is one of the "key predictions" of inflation theory that the mainstream has touted as an important example of importance and usefulness of Big Bang theory. It now turns out that this "key prediction" of Big Bang theory is critically flawed. The real life observations of our "perfectly normal" universe refutes the homogenous predictions of the inflation period of Big Bang theory. - about ancient symbols and myths that also appear in the documentary.

More about this subject here (where I first read about it) :

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