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Jamie Lynn Speers

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Capeo its irrelevant. You want to make it relevant. WHY? Its like saying OXYGEN is necessary for sex and so that's why we have sex the way we do. Its so far removed from WHY people have sex that its not funny. The planet is over populated. We are not having sex to procreate. Its recreational and most people have children either by novelty or by accident. So just get over the whole ITS BIOLOGY crap.

And btw you posted the article you posted but you didn't mention the age.

Suddenly you don't wanna talk about the article any more when it turns out that ABSTINENCE and not safe sex is what contributes to the lower pregnancy rates. Surprise surprise surprise.

Seriously, True, I'm not going to argue for the sake of arguing. I posted the article to support my point that openess and education is the answer. I didn't mention the age nor did I mention that 85% of teens in holland used contraceptives, which is also in the article. So what's the point there? I also didn't mention that the basis of their sex ed is learning the biology of their urges and then being responsible about them as cited here:

The curriculum focuses on biological aspects of reproduction as well as on values, attitudes, communication and negotiation skills

I figured folks would actually read the article. I posted it because I agreed with methodology which seems to be in direct contrast to what you consistently accuse me of saying though I've been saying the same thing the whole time.

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I think this thread has run it's course, both due to the explicit nature of some of the comments but because it's turned in to something of a train wreck over the last page or so.


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