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Shaylergate: MI-5 in cahoots with Bin Laden


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Terrorism has been part of life in Northern Ireland for over thirty years. Between 1969 and 2002, 3352 people have been murdered. 957 members of the security forces were murdered, of whom 302 were police officers. In addition to this some 48,000 people have been injured, of whom 11,587 are members of the police service. These are the raw statistics of suffering in a country of 1.6 million people ? the size perhaps of your own city of Philadelphia. They do not include the suicides, the other related deaths, and the number of people who struggle to keep living lives which are blighted beyond repair by loss and injury and death.

Full Article

Britain has never gained from terrorism and if MI5 gave Osama money im sure the intent was right if very foolist.

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meh, look at whats being uncovered in Libya now, so what if they helped finance al queda to try and take out Gaddafi

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Britain doesn't conspire with terrorists. We have suffered atrociously at the hands of Irish terrorists for decades, who have received support and shelter in both the USA and the Republic of Ireland.

DreamRebel, your remarks are both grossly inaccurate and deeply offensive.

Oh, and David Shayler is a liar, and a discredited MI5 clerk, who was sacked, and decided to break the Official Secrets Act for financial self-gain. His arrest turned him into a martyr of the far-left. His words cannot be trusted.

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Here Here cufflink

Dream Rebel really i doubt very much that this ever took place. It was banned because it was clearly a lie made up by a man who is nothing more than a discredited traitor.

Your comments on terrorism were pretty offensive

It's been my contention for at least 2 1/2 years now that Bin Laden could be a super asset

In what way was 9/11 an "asset"? Thousands of people where killed by this man and your saying he is a "super-asset".

Remeber that terrorism is a very real subject that we have had to live with here for more than 30 years. I would hope that no british government would ever be involved with a group that causes so much pain.

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The only real worry from this pile of @>#? is that MI5 is now filled with big-mouthed attention grabbing fat bar stewards like Shayler!

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