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Libyan Inspection Reveals Nuclear Black Market


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The global network has been described by one expert as an "international supermarket" of nuclear parts and support.

Do you think they have an 800 number?

FluffyBunnies minds wanders to the call center:

"Hello, thank you for calling jihad technical support, how can I help?"

-My bomb won't explode...

"OK, I can help you with that. Have you tried rebooting or ctrl-alt-delete?"

- Yes twice, please hurry the infedels are getting away...

"A gentle tap on the casing with your foot sometimes helps, try that..."

-A tap with my foot? are you sure? that isn't in my jihad manual.

"Give it a shot, otherwise we will have to escalate this to a service call that will take 24-48 hours to get someone out to your site..."

-OK, I'll try it on the left side...tap...tap...smack-KABOOM. ***dial tone***

"Thank you for calling customer support, have a nice day..."


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