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Brzeninski's "The Technotronic Era"

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Anyone seen or heard of this book, not been able to find any copy anywhere....thanks.

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Vlad the Mighty

Afraid I haven't, but Googling it has pointed me towards a few websites that look like they might be interesting.

According to one , Brzezinski is one of the "People who have betrayed their countrymen or humanity in general."

Wrote "The Technotronic Era" another handbook of the 300 club. He is a member of the CFR, the Club of Rome and one of the old Polish Black Nobility, a designer of mind-control of the masses and "Big Brother" surveillance. His ideas of pre crisis management seen to be the precedent for FEMA, (see Dr John Coleman.)

so it sounds interesting.

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1968-1975 - TRILATERAL COMMISSION, a package to sell the Illuminati Truth

Originally, like the moon landing: TRILATERAL COMMISSION, a stage to sell the Illuminati Truth

1969 - the illuminati stage the moon landing using fuzzy black & white technology evoking the first sound movies one generation earlier.

But there was ONE big difference between this hoax and all other  hoaxes the illuminati staged in recent years: in 1969 the illuminati really believed that soon they would be able to get to the moon. So even if staging the moon landing hoax was within the BIG LIE framework, the motivation behind it was not.

The TRILATERAL COMMISSION was created by David Rockefeller, short after staging the first moon landing, with Zbigniew Brzezinski as its first executive secretary, and director. The target audience was the upper decile, and above all, the upper centile. (1)

The ideological motivation for creating the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, like for staging the moon landing hoax, was not within the BIG LIE framework. The TRILATERAL COMMISSION was meant to sell the Illuminati Truth.

TRILATERAL COMMISSION: selling the obvious goal

To sell the obvious goal of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, i.e. the New Word Order aka One World Government, the mind control technique "Package vs. Contents" was used.

The package for stating the goals: "Close Trilateral cooperation in keeping the peace, in managing the world economy, in fostering economic redevelopment, and alleviating world poverty will improve the chances of a smooth, and peaceful evolution of the global system."

The contents headlines, in the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski:  the "nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state."

TRILATERAL COMMISSION: selling the TWO ultimate goals

The ultimate goal of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION was to sell the two basic foundations of the TECHNOTRONIC AGE.

Full story - explained by Matt Marriott


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Brezinski is a long time NWO stooge, in this book(not written by Brezinski) entitled about HAARP, he says this about how "they" the ruling elite want society molded.



The following statement was made more than 25 years ago in a book which Brzezinski wrote while a professor at Columbia University:

"Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behavior. Geophysicist Gordon J. F. MacDonald specialist in problems of warfare says accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes 'could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the Earth. . . . In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period. . . .' No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages, to some the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades."

He also said this..

As early as 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted a "more controlled and directed society" would gradually appear, linked to technology. This society would be dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how. Angels Don't Play This HAARP further quotes Brzezinski:

"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits."

here is a link to a website that has info on brezinski and alot more players in this NWO.


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