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have fun (cool games)


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I also Loved the Puyo Game, its very much like Tetras ( to which I am addicted) I'm Rubbish at the Putt-Putt game, my fav is still the Splat game from which I have a sore wrist (no rude jokes please ;D)

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29!!!  :sk :sk :sk

Now I have to figure out how to beat the 17th hole.  :s04

* - you're right, I don't have a life.  :se

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Congrats MM,  :sk

I've been playing the game a lot too. My best now is only 38.  I have trouble with four holes 13,14,17,and 18. Just can't master them. :s08

It's hard to pull yourself away from the game!  ;D

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GOOD LORD  :o :o

I think I just found heaven.  :sk :sk

http://www.jippii.com/minigolf  :s03


* - BTW, don't let the first course name fool you, BEGINNERLAND is probably the toughest of the bunch. :s04  Start with the HOLE IN ONE park, get the feel for layouts.

** - Not much chance of me getting a life now.  :)  :su

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