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John Chang Debunked

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It is incredibly ignorant to call skeptics close minded. You are the ones who believe in this stuff, you have to prove it. Failure to do so will lead to more mockery. As a skeptic, i am completely open to all logical arguments backed up with evidence. If you fail to provide it however, i'm not interested.

I also find it contemptible to claim these so-called psychics don't want to prove themselves to Mr.Randi's experiment because money doesn't allure them. Why not simply prove it for free, if that's the case (Although that very claim is itself arguable, many of these people charge extortionate prices for their 'services'). If being aware of this spirituality means that they are completely selfish and indifferent to the suffering of others, then i suppose it's okay to keep it to themselves. If not, share it to the world, help more people learn to heal others. how can you claim to be a morally good person, while keeping potentially mass life saving secrets to yourself? Unthinkable. The claim the previous poster made, of the qi gong master healing late term cancer is especially disgusting. She can cure the worlds biggest killer, cancer, but keeps it to herself. Absolutely immoral and callous.

James "the amazing" randi... is in fact the charlatan himself...

there are endless reports of his fixing the tests and results against the people who he lures .

If he feels someone cannot be fixed he simply refuses them.

He is a stage magician (in more ways than one) Not a scientist.

Funnily enough there are free to learn and highly effective self healing practices that are shared online! Doh..

as for cancer.... do you trust your government.. ?

Becsuse early last century the US and practicaly the rest of the world illegalised one of the most effective and safe treatments (the word cure can even be used) for cancer... cannabis.

you do not have a very strong arguement

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On January 14, 2008 at 7:27 PM, darkbreed said:

Well power of suggestion is ruled out, as in both cases none of us were facing eachother or could otherwise know when the psi ball would be sent to knock us down.

And I don't think he broke off the interview because of fear from getting caught or getting too many people on him - then he wouldnt come there in the first year after 20-30 years of silence.

Also, I'm experienced with much more than just mere psi balls knocking me and friends over when it comes to spiritual matters. I've done many experiments with many different subjects (dowsing, telekinesis, healing, astral projection, evocations of spirits, scrying, etc) for more than a decade, and I practice a system of so called high magic and it most definitively is real and gives real results and I've discovered that it all mainly boils down to one thing, all powers are due to the same force, which is the Mind - what you believe in will become real, it is basically the Law of Attraction which is the most important principle behind all of these things. As above, so below - as below, so above - the Universe is the same as God, God is the same as Man. And as everything is connected by this Mental Force called God, we can individually affect this Supreme Mind to make changes occur in our reality according to our will.

Sounds pretty wild yeah but i've lived long enough to study the effects of my different experiments and research i've done in regards of these kind of things, and had its reality confirmed over and over and it gets more interesting all the time the more you discover.

The rabbit hole goes quite deep indeed.

I know a lot of you guys challenged this guy further down the thread to substantiate his claims. If you look him up on Facebook now, 8 years later, it is obvious that he suffers from severe delusions. His name on fb is Maggador Edward Alexander and now he believes he is a member of secret societies and "government factions"

Obviously very mentally ill



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On January 17, 2008 at 9:12 PM, darkbreed said:

To Eric Raven, Kevin, etc, asking for tests and experiments - I already SAID that I WOULD be more than happy to take part of an experiment here in this very forums to hopefully show that there are something to these "claims" of spiritual and psychic powers.

And, if you have read the posts where I mention this, such as in the Remote viewing experiments thread (sorry can't remember name right now without checking) I already said that I WILL participate in such tests and experiments, as soon I have the time to do so - which will at least take a couple of weeks, as already mentioned.

For this type of test, that can be done here through this forum, I need the time to prepare and re-train my remote viewing abilities and I got many other things I'm occupied with in my daily life than sitting here typing in a forum all day long, unfortunately I don't have that privilege like some of you seem to do who are posting almos every minute instead of being out doing something sensible such as work or studies. I guess you are lucky to have such time on your hands that you can spend all day sitting here criticizing and complaining in front of your computers instead of doing something useful.

I've offered myself to take part of such tests and experiments here, even completely "blind" tests regarding remote viewing where I will know nothing about the target or the person deciding the target at all, so there will be no chance of "cheating" or wild guesses.

When I get the time, if I do so, I might participate in other tests as well, such as dowsing, and tarot reading, and perhaps even astral projection experiments.

But, unlike many others here, I'm a busy person with lots of work and things to do in my daily work, so the time I have to do such things are limited to specific periods now and then, thus why I'm frequently away for months without being active in here.

I actually make my living of traveling the world and researching various mysteries, both ancient and present, and try to find the connection between things, so I'm often away for longer periods due to that among other things.

But, as I see it now, I should be able to conduct an experiment such as outlined above within the next few coming weeks.

So just be patient and wait until I have the time, allright.


For those of you still reading this thread, dark breed or on Facebook, Maggador, never follows thru with any evidence of his magical s unified , but if you take a quick look at his subsequent work it becomes obvious he is severely mentally ill. 


Look him up, you will see insane self contradicting paranoia and hallmarks of some sort of schizo affective disorder. Claims of secret societies and government work, etc...

this poor guy is really, really sick 

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