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Email personality


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Hi found this today thought i may be interesting.


I am and addict or so it says lol  :sk

Email Addict

How did you cope before email? You're addicted! If only you could get your granny on line, you'd never have to put pen to paper again. Everything in your life is done by email - from office memos to planning a night on the town.

Keeping up with the 21st century is good - but have you taken it a bit too far? When was the last time you got in touch with a friend who isn't on email? Email's great, but pick up a phone or a pen once in a while too; at least until everyone you care about is on-line.

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[blue]Apparently I'm a dabbler.

Which is odd, because I get really deflated when I check for messages and my in tray is empty...

[/blue] :-/

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HMMMM I'm an email addict too <lol> as if i didn;t know that. :s2

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