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U.N. Spy Scandal

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U.N. Spy Scandal on Iraq:

Prominent Americans Support British Whistleblower

An array of high-profile Americans -- including Rev. Jesse Jackson, feminist Gloria Steinem, Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, leaders of the ACLU and the Newspaper Guild, and artists such as Sean Penn, Bonnie Raitt and Martin Sheen -- released a joint statement Thursday (Jan. 29) in support of Katharine Gun, a British whistleblower. Ms. Gun faces two years in prison in England for alerting the public about U.S. spying on United Nations diplomats aimed at securing U.N. approval for war against Iraq.

Full Article

Not to sure what to think, are both are nations that underhand? Well probably!

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Yes we are <Bleeding_Heart> MOOHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! The U.S. generally trys to be peaceful; but being peaceful and being over the table are two entirely different things. If the U.N. wishes to be able to act like a nation then it will have to get used to all the spying and twofacedness that comes with being a nation.

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