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The malefic midnight mummy

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Image credit: stockxpert
Image credit: stockxpert
T. Stokes: Over many years of attending meetings of all sorts of occult and spirit groups, of all shades and colours in a bid to further your knowledge, one can come across some strange people, some talented some very much so, and some self deluded, and some outright frauds, so it was with some surprise that a man with talent in this area, was to cross my path and was not from a group such as this at all. I felt I had reached as far as I could go and awaited a teacher, when going down to see my girlfriend on the bus, which is a route I rarely used, I noticed a man opposite me who had a remarkable aura, and unusually powerful psychic eyes, and I badly wanted to speak with him, but just felt unable to instigate the conversation, but knew he should be my teacher.

There is a saying in occult circles that “when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear”. The philosopher Neitzche described the hunger for knowledge as “Wissenstrieb” and said it was an inner compulsion to explore. And I recognised that from some inner place this man had the deep knowledge that I wanted to explore. Alas my shyness paralysed my speech, and to my horror he left the bus, and I thought that was that, but a few months later he came into my fathers tiny shop, I said,

“ I saw you on the bus some months back” and he replied

“I thought you would speak but you did not.”

And so began the new friendship with my teacher. Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” And many people want wisdom in the realms of the paranormal.

Part of a magicians training is in Astral projection, soul travel or fashionably now called O.B.E or out of body experience, this takes time and special exercises, and this man was an astral master who could knock the spots off me.

One particular evening, I had round some friends laughing and chatting, when at the door came this talented teacher, who on saying that he and I should meet up on the astral plane to visit a pyramid in Egypt, was met with howls of mocking remarks and laughter from the room, his face turning red with anger he turned to me and said, “this is your house do you mind “ ?

I told him “to go ahead” and he said with a pointing finger, “right whoever you are you will get it at midnight tonight, and tomorrow” and walked out. The room for a couple of minutes was quiet, then conversation resumed and soon all was forgotten.

Then when all had gone home, at exactly midnight, I awoke, when you are suddenly wide awake from sleep, in an instant, and the room turns very cold, that is a sign that something of great supernatural significance is to happen,

And so it was, that a crashing and banging began downstairs, as I, and my new wife sat up in bed listening to the smashing of furniture and feeling the vibrations of it through the walls and ceilings, I heard the glass of the window smash, we had this large Victorian sideboard with an ornate mirror on top, and I heard this topple over and crash to the floor, and the whole house just shook, a few moments of quiet then brought the realisation that whatever this creature was doing this damage, and the electric feel to the now very cool room said it was something from another plane of life, I did not want to be trapped upstairs if it should, and I felt it would, then come upstairs.

Leaping naked from my bed my new wife in tears, and walking to the top of the stairs and peering down into a murky fog swirling on the staircase, I snatched a large crucifix from the wall, a present from my superstitious mother, and feeling myself tingling with power held it aloft and saying the words to the 23rd psalm as I walked the distance of the stairs to their base, in total amazement as the fog drew back in front of me as I walked and it swiftly dissipated through the walls.

Momentarily gathering a full breath as I stood naked before the door to the room, I threw the door open and put on the light and as I held the crucifix aloft and said the words I often used in times of trial, “ in the name of god, you creatures go to your place of rest” astrally you can then in theory follow the beast back to its “libken” which is the old name for a lair.

However, as my eyes accustomed to the light, again the fog just dissolved through the walls and I saw all in the room was perfect, the window intact, no furniture had been thrown about, and the large Victorian sideboard that I had felt the vibrations as it crashed to the floor, was where it should be and no damage at all done.

The bible refers to demons as agents of lies, and these tricks told me the demonic category they were from, and just how subjugated they were under their master, my new friend.

It was a strangely quiet day, with a lot of deep thought, until my wife half way through a television programme brought horror to my thoughts by reminding me that we were promised two nights of this.

So in silent anticipation at midnight nothing happened, and it was a while after that we were woken by sounds of noise from the base of the stairs, and as I lay there in bed anxiously breathing heavily, I heard every step on the stairs creak as if under a great weight, when into the room lurched an Egyptian mummy, swathed in bandages and stinking of death and decay, my wife had a screaming fit, as it walked heavily to the bottom of the bed, turned to walk at right angles along by the base, and then its essence “sp***ated” or dissolved through the wall.

I could not understand these wood blocks on the feet of the thing, it was in fact years after that I learned that mummies would have wooden blocks nailed to the bottoms of their feet, and this explained the clumping sounds on the stairs.

Over a period of time, I was to learn a great deal from this about the workings of and the creatures in, the astral realms, which would later stand me in very good stead, when I would be on callout for anywhere in the country needing healing, balancing or deliverance, often called for short, an exorcism

T stokes paranormalist copyright 2001

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Oen Anderson

Wow! That story really had me wrapped up in it.

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