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Hissie Sola

'Electricity Woman with amazing powers'

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Hissie Sola

'Electricity Woman with amazing powers' causes lights to flicker when she gets stressed


The ability to control electricity with your mind may seem the stuff of science fiction.

But one woman claims such a power is part of her everyday reality.

Debbie Wolf says she is one of Britain's growing number of "sliders" - people who believe their presence interferes with household appliances, radios and light bulbs.

She claims she can turn street lamps off, send digital clocks haywire and even defrost her freezer.

But 38-year-old Miss Wolf admits that she has no control over her power.

"It happens when I'm stressed or if I'm chewing something over in my mind, but not if I'm annoyed," she said.

"It has never been full on whammy all day, but it happens frequently, such as when I'm excited."

Miss Wolf says she once blew a series of street lamps while riding by on a motorbike.

And she uses a wind-up alarm clock because her reaction on waking up in the morning "scrambles" digital ones.

Her supposed ability, dubbed Street Light Interference syndrome - or SLI - by experts, has earned her international fame.


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the eternal me

same thing happens with a lot of people and computers.

computers are more sensitive to it ( smaller conductors, smaller voltages ) my wife locks up her computer on a regular basis.

and our brains work on electrochemical proccess. so by nature we send out disturbance feilds when stressed ( when my wife locks up her computer ).

but to affect street lights, wow.

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The Street Light Interference thing is pretty common and widely known about both in paranormal and scientific circles.

It's cause is still unknown though, and many people around the world experiences this on regular basis, and with other objects as well like you mention computer, and clocks, etc-

Personally I've experienced it several times when doing psychic work such as astral projection etc, suddenly things go on and off, such as my computer suddenly turning itself on, or the light going of, or my video camera going on etc.

Here is an article at wikipedia about the street light interference syndrom:


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Yea, I know very often Teeneagers can cause things to just fly off counters and stuff without moving them because thye are so stressed. First time hearing about SLI, pretty cool though, if that layd was to practice PSI she would be a hell of an Electrokinetic...

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I turn the TV off lol. It really annoys my fella when hes watching it, all i do is walk past it and it flicks off lol.

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Solid Skeptic

I personally most of the time it's down to personal bias and coincidence, however I think that sometimes it really could be down to some of of bioelectrical field or related cause.

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