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Spirits of the Argonaut Mines

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user posted image rPaul Dale Roberts: Today is Sunday, February 3, 2008. This has been one of my busiest weekends for HPI. Back-to-back investigations……non-stop. I have already discussed the investigations for Friday and Saturday in a previous article. Now I will just talk about Sunday. This Sunday, started off at 10:30am, picked up Tim Hawkins. Tim and I rode with Shannon McCabe in her Ectoplasma Mobile aka Ecto 1. We listened to 'Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes' blasting on Shannon's car stereo with Shannon singing her lungs out! Shannon is a professional singer, so we all didn't mind. We picked up another member of the team, it was Chris Grissom. We headed to a home in Placerville. The head of the household asked for a blessing of her home. She feels that there is a demon in her home. For a while, she thought it was her deceased ex-boyfriend playing tricks on her, but now the activity has increased. She feels threatened by this unknown entity and she ponders if the entity is some kind of demon. She shows us a picture she took in her bathroom, which shows a face materializing through the shower glass door. This picture needs further analysis, to see if it is some kind of camera light refraction or reflection. Chris and I did a hedge of protection prayer around the 3 occupants of this apartment and I went from room-to-room, blessing each room with prayers and holy water. Then I placed my hand that was wet from the holy water and placed it on the female occupant's head. I then said a silent prayer.

Chris and I couldn't stay too long, we had to go meet other HPI paranormal investigators for a photo shoot for Cryptic Magazine. Roll Call for HPI paranormal investigators for this photo shoot were: Shannon McCabe, Tim Hawkins, Jennifer Baca, Michele Paykel, John Wachter aka Vlawde, Paul Dale Roberts, Michelle Stump, Kristen Shelly, Chris Grissom, Donna Reynolds, Holly DeLaughter. The photo shoot was happening at Nancy Bradley/Robert Reppert's home. Robert was the photographer. As we all busted out some champagne, the atmosphere became festive. Nancy brought out cold cuts and cheese for us to munch on. Not only is Nancy Bradley a good psychic, but she is also a great hostess. She knew about the loss of my brother and described him as having big arms. She was right on the money, my brother stood at 6' 4" and had massive biceps. He was a weightlifter. Then she told me that I was not going to Hawaii for his funeral. She was correct again, I will be honoring my brother here in California with my family. Nancy felt that my brother embraced me, before he entered the light. Nancy had an uncanny ability to see the other side. Nancy knows how to make me smile during these trying times. Nancy with a smile, places a refrigerator magnet in my hand, that reads…"If you're going to walk on thin ice, you may as well dance!" Nancy is quite the character.

When the photo shoot wrapped up, I headed over to Jackson, California to meet up with paranormal investigator Lisa Hilt. I brought along HPI paranormal investigator/sensitive Pika (my Jack Russell Terrier). Lisa was waiting for me at the Argonaut / Kennedy Mines. The Argonaut Mines was discovered in 1850. On August 22, 1922, the worst mining disaster for the State of California occurred. 47 miners were trapped inside this mine at a depth of 4,650 feet. A fire was raging in these mines. The miners all lost their lives. In the attempt to save these miners, tunnels from the Kennedy mines were opened up to get to the trapped miners. Even with the old tunnels being opened up, it was an unsuccessful attempt to save their lives. Finally the mine was closed in 1942. With a tragedy as bad as this one was, there should be some residual activity. Equipment used for this investigation were temperature gauge, digital camera and two digital audio recorders. Pika, Lisa and I, investigated the outside perimeters of this mine. As we finished our investigation, a lady pulls up and yells at us..."isn't the rainbow beautiful? I left Sacramento and have been chasing this rainbow!" Little did this girl know that we weren't here for the rainbow. I didn't notice the rainbow, until she brought it up...but, we both played along with her. Finally our 'rainbow chaser' was gone. I have heard of storm chasers..but rainbow chasers??

Lisa and I then stopped over at Windrose Inn and the Gate House Inn www.gatehouseinn.com. We could only do an outside perimeter investigation of the Gate House Inn, because it was closed. It's a gorgeous historic Jackson mansion, that sits amidst an area of landscaped lawns and gardens. Also at the Gate House Inn is the Summer House Cottage, that dates back to the 1800s. While at the Gate House Inn, I did receive one EVP that said "keep it", it was a man's voice. At the Argonaut Mine, I received another EVP, that sounded like 'running water', like from a waterfall. There was nothing around to make a noise like that, so I thought that was somewhat odd.

I found nothing really unusual in my photographs. Anyway, this finally ended an eventful investigative weekend. I am tired and I now want to go to bed. Work is tomorrow. Ugh!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter, Ghosthunter, Demonologist

Email: JazmaPika@cs.com





Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).


http://www.HPIparanormal.net at the Brookdale Lodge May 16-18th, 2008

If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved.

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lol-i got goose bumps when i saw your article, i spent alot of my life in amador county, there's defenitly alot of paranormal activity around the mines and boarding houses,have you had a chance to check out the old mine in plymouth, i think there was a fire there too-plus the hotel downtown and the house across the street is pretty freaky.

amador city and drytown is fun too!

sweet...keep us updated. :tu:

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The title of the article reeks(in a good way) of a good RPG expansion.

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