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Weird dream

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Just had a dream, a very weird dream.

I had a dream about 2012, atleast I think it was 2012.

In my dream everything started out as a normal day.

Going to work, eating lunch etc, etc.

Then the first reports started comming in, floods, earthquaks, tornados, etc.

It was like al the crap of the last 5 to 10 years happend in a span of 2 weeks.

Then something weird happend, first the sun didn't go down for atleast a day or 2, it was like in Scandinavia at summer time.

The sun doesn't fully go down there around the solstice.

Also the sky was upside down, I know weird.

Picture it like this:

Everything is how it should be, but the sky is upside down.

The clouds where al upside down and strange, couldn't really find your way around.

Very confussing business, also alot of beautifull colors apeared in the sky.

It was like parts of the sky turned in to massive rainbows and northernlights mashed up in one.

Then it happend...

The sun finally went down and we could see space.

I mean really see it, it was like somebody had lifted up a curtain or took of a blindfold.

You could see every star every planet, everything.

Also strange things started to happen, i don't know how to explain it.

There where things happening, and it al felt so strange and everything was so strange.

I'm not talking about Aliens or fairies or what ever.

I am talking about everything that happened seeming very strange to me and everybody els.

It was, even for a dream just simply amazing, I could actually feel heat and cold, water and wind.

I could feel the earth onder my feet, never felt anything in my dreams. (Except for an urge to pee maybe)

Then that faded back to normal and we had to rebuild, well not completely normal.

It still al felt different, it felt off but in a good way.

The world didn't get destroyed or anything, we just had to start over.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not psycic or somekind of wizard or something.

Just a normal dude, who sometimes has strange dreams and has a couple of weird relatives, who believe they come from a tribe of druids and mystics.

I am probally one of the few who could be seen as sane. ;)

In my life I have seen some things that could be filed under weird or supernatural.

Eventhough my and my relatives don't like the word supernatural.

Everything is natural and has it's place in excistence, just because we don't know how it works or happens doesn't make it super. ;)

But I digress... :)

So back to the dream.

I have to say this has been the weirdest dream I have had in atleast 15 years. (Yes I remember my dreams)

Most are normal standard dreams, flying, giving a speech naked an other stuff.

Sometimes I have weird dreams, but that's all they are weird.

But this was different, I could actually feel stuff.

Oh yes there was alot of water, everytime I looked around there was somekind of sea or huge lake arond.

Just wanted to share this, the mind can do strange things. :)

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The thing I find interesting is the thing about seeing space as if a veil was lifted and you could now see every star and everything, because that's something that's actually supposed to happen according to scriptures. The part in Genesis that talks about God creating light (which takes place before he creates the sun and moon I believe) and then he seperates it.... well from the begining God has hidden his eternal light which is why space is black, he's keeping it for the Righteous and then at the end he'll reveal his light and we're supposed to be able to see everything from one end of the universe to the other.

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imo if your dream is real then I think that earth has restarted lots of times.

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