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Discussion Forum Changes & Upgrades

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The Discussion forum has been upgraded today, to the latest version of YaBB, adding many new features and improvements overall. Many security problems have been fixed, as well as some changes in the board layout. The rather pointless news fader has also been removed at last.

For information on the new Instant Messaging, E-Mail, Home Page and Profile icons featured on the left hand side of everyone's posts, read the post on the subject which I've added to the Board News, Tips and Announcements section.

In addition to the forum upgrade, I have changed some of the sections and categories. The Sightings, Reports and Experiences category has been combined into a single section in the main Unexplained category. This is due to confusion regarding which section to post in, since the old sections were almost identical to other sections on the board. The Technical Troubleshooting section has also been removed - if you are having any problems, please post your queries in the general discussion section.

I have transferred all the posts from the old sections and added them into the new sightings and reports section. If anyone finds any problems or bugs with the new forum, please E-Mail them to me at Keep a special look out for messages which come up with an error such as "Cannot find message number ***". I think I have fixed them all but there may be one or two that I have missed.

Thankyou  :)

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