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Local ghost stories?

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I'm sure every area has atleast one or two, or, considering you find folk from the Isles... 100 or so...

I've one to share, one I grew up with from a lake I spent my summers. The area it'self is filled with stories of the Revolutionary war and such, and the leake itself is nestled between Scroon Lake and Ticonderoga. The historic fort of the area.

Anyways, The lake is called Paradox. THe native name is "Water flows both ways." Because during the spring, the water flows in one direction, then in the fall, it flows the other way. ANYWAYS!

The tale is short, but is still odd in away.

There is this cliff, on the northern section of the lake, it's by the creek that feeds into Paradox. It stands about oh.. 40..50 or so. It's a rather high and sheer cliff. People love to jump off of it.

Now, according to the story, every 5 years this spirit of a young native brave appears ontop of this cliff. He looks real, that's the thing, people first think it's another person, just dressed in old Iroquois garb. What he does, is dives, not jump... dives for the water. Only when he reaches it, not a ripple shows. It's like he vanishes into the water as soon as he touches it. And the weird part is, after each dive, shortly there after, a rather large snapping turtle surfaces where he touches the water.

Now, I haven't seen the spirit, however, uncannily, I have manage to see that turtle about every 5 years.

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