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I believe I read about a self induced OBE somewhere on this forum . I had a similar expirience when I was 16 and in my friend's basement playing the "pass out" game . Being much older & wiser now I realize what a stupid thing it is to do , but at the time ..............

I think there are variations on how to play this "game" but when I was lifted up and my friend pushed on my chest everything went black , like the lights went out ( passing out ) and I went deaf . I remained deaf but I was now walking down the stairs of my friends basement watching them shaking me up against the wall , I assumed trying to wake me up . When I got to the bottom of the stairs I felt this rush of air through my head and heard a loud pop , my eyes were wide open and I was standing up against the wall but both of my friends were feet away from me freaking out . I caught my breath and asked them why they were shaking me so hard . They said they weren't shaking me , I started convulsing and they were yelling my name to snap me out and stepped back when I didn't . Has anyone else had an expirience like this or any thoughts on whether this was a true OBE ?

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that's a blackout, not obe

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eight bits

Hi, trickywoo, welcome aboard.

What's a true OBE, anyway? You saw your body as if you were located outside of it. That's an out-of-body experience by definition.

Was there any sense in which "you" were detached from your own body? That's where the fighting starts.

An alternative view is that you were partially conscious, perceiving some things about your suroundings. Your perceptual apparatus was trying to do what it always tries to do: create sensations in the way that makes the most sense to depict a "best estimate" of your real situation.

The estimate has an important detail wrong, assuming your friends' testimony was truthful. What were really your own convulsions were "explained" by the image you "saw" of your friends shaking you.

I'm not trying to convinve you of anything, merely to explain why I think your experience did not include really being located outside your own skin.

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Welcome and best wishes jung one. Yes that was really dumb.

Nice balance you admit that and asked questions. Never stop asking questions. Good topic I haven't seen anywhere except Kevin Costner movies for a while.

You can't force anything. Nor will you probably ever know the answer to this for real as you worded it. Yes there are tons of freaky experiences. Most people ignore them,

won't ask questions or explore.

I believe... our possibilities as humans are unlimited. However this one... it happens for real or not. Or you die. I know won't say more too long... we all die physically but I do not think that is nearly the end... it is a new beginning.

However I find in people a lot a deep unspoken fear of dying. I am by far the youngest in me close circle of friends... my 55 year friend is hysterical b/c her dad died last week. Mom went a while back and was expected. I saw the likelihood of this; true love he died of a broken heart. I see this a lot in real couples. Like 50-60 years together.

The point... the barb wire fence between her and the North Pole is gone. As long as dad stood in the way... security blanket. Now she is the oldest. Scary.

Walk a mile in me shoes or me veteran pals... that is the way things are. I learned at 5 grief is natural but only b/c I would miss them around - hmm selfish?? My whole family is gone now. I was a freak late child. However they are always around you... when needed.

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