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Image credit: stockxpert
Image credit: stockxpert
Marby Noffki: I will never claim to be a great psychic, medium, or whatever it is the kids are calling them these days. I am sensitive, and I have had my moments, but they have been sporadic moments which have had no dramatic impact on anyone’s life outside of my own little bubble. For instance, in my world, the death of a friend or family member has always been preceded by a generalized sense of dread that might last for one week or one day before the death actually occurs. Not once have I pinpointed who it would be before it actually happened. However, a strange sense of relief always comes with the bad news that may or may not be appropriate. To me, that relief signals the end of speculation and very real distress that is made worse because there is no focus for it.

I can walk into a house and “feel” whether it has been filled with negativity or with the positive, and in places where something grisly has happened in the past, I may not be able to tell anyone what that event was, but I have learned to trust my instincts when I sense it was not a good thing.

There have been other instances in which a passing thought actually comes to pass, some of them verifiable, some of them not. All in all, I can safely state that I will never be setting up shop and doing readings for others.

Perhaps it is because I have touched that world with my own experiences that I have always been fascinated by the medium. I admire the person that has the confidence to trust their visions, harness them and make them a controlled part of every day life. Since I was old enough to have my own money, I have always taken the opportunity to check out a recommended medium. Perhaps because I am open minded, but still keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, I have made it a point to weed out the frauds because nothing rattles my cage more than a person who would rip off little old ladies or make a genuine medium look bad.

I believe that there are those with the power to “see”. Some of those people set up shop and make a career out of their gift, while others, like my grandmother, wish it was a gift that they had never received. More common are those that possess the gift but only use it within their personal sphere and on a highly discreet level. The medium I went to see last autumn was well worth the £35 I spent because with the exception of one or two little details, she was spot on, spent more than an hour with me, and left me shaken.

Then there are the frauds that are as generalized as a horoscope, and whose only talent is the ability to read body language and worm information out of people as they go to pad those generalizations with something that the gullible will believe because they want to believe so badly. These are the people that make the genuine medium work that much harder to be considered credible. These are the people that play on the feelings of the vulnerable for their dirty profits.

I have encountered both the genuine and the frauds, and over the years, I have created a mental checklist of warning signs that I am sharing now, for the first time.

A good medium will charge a fair price. When a price is too good to be true, it is usually because it is too good to be true. You will not be terribly enlightened by a gimmicky medium charging next to nothing. On the flip side of that, the medium that is going to charge an arm and a leg for a reading had better make it worth those precious limbs. A fair price will fall somewhere between £20-£40 ($40-$80) for a one hour reading. Much more than that and the medium should be giving you more of his or her time and go above and beyond phenomenal.

Most mediums will use tarot cards, shells, crystals, or some other tool when they do a reading. A good medium will use those things for focus and not depend on them for all their information. For example, the medium I went to last autumn admitted that she only used the tarot cards to keep herself from becoming distracted by spirits that had nothing to contribute to the person in front of her. She did not even know how to read them properly. A medium that relies entirely on these tools is not a medium. They are simply playing a parlour game with you and for that, you are better off throwing a tea party and playing with the cards yourself.

Probing Questions
A medium will ask you generalized questions. They do not need your input for the reading outside of the highly general. Be wary of any medium that asks you why you are there. They should at least have an idea. If you have to volunteer too much information, you are wasting your time and creating your own reading based on the information that this person is gleaning from you, which defeats the purpose.

A genuine medium does not need a gimmick. There is no need for the gypsy outfit, the fake foreign accent, or decorations best left in a box until October 31st. Mediums come in all shapes and sizes, they can be male or female, and they do not need to put on a kooky act in order to give you a solid reading. I have found that the most unassuming mediums are often the best mediums.

Sales Pitches
My heritage is Cuban. In the Cuban culture, there is a strong tradition of Santeria, which simply defined, is the Cuban version of Voodoo. I have been to Santero mediums that are happy to create all manner of spiritual issues in order to sell you components for cleansing rituals. Likewise, I have been to Santero mediums whose words are still relevant to me years later. The point being made here is that it should raise a red flag if the medium you are visiting works out of the back room of an occult store. If that medium starts to recommend half the products their store because a dark spirit is keeping you from getting a higher paying job, run and don’t look back.

Minimize Visual Cues
This last suggestion depends on the person going in for the reading more than it does on the medium. While I am not suggesting you stash the wedding ring or change the person that you are for the sake of a reading, try to minimize the overt signs that will tell the medium more than they need to know. If you work in a hospital, don’t wear your scrubs. If your hands might give away that you are a farmer or that you wouldn’t recognize a screwdriver if one were thrown at you, keep them discreetly out of view as much as you are able, especially if this medium isn’t reading your palm. Keep a neutral expression on your face.

Most importantly, however, have fun with it. Even if you are sitting in front of the best medium in the world, your future ultimately depends on you. Take things too seriously, and you will lose sight of living life. Just take it seriously enough not to get ripped off by someone with no scruples.
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Thank you, really enjoyed your article. I enjoy reading about the "para" normal from this/your casual, realistic and non-hype way. It makes it easier (for me) to enjoy and connect with the information. Maybe this site is full of people who have a similar bend or else I just keep bumping into others due to resonating frequencies LOL : ) Anyway, thanks for your article!

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Thank you, really enjoyed your article. I enjoy reading about the "para" normal from this/your casual, realistic and non-hype way. It makes it easier (for me) to enjoy and connect with the information. Maybe this site is full of people who have a similar bend or else I just keep bumping into others due to resonating frequencies LOL : ) Anyway, thanks for your article!

Thanks so much!

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