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interesting video for discussion-psi wheel

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I was looking at some youtube videos to kill some free time. I came across this interesting video that some of you may appreciate. I apologize if its been posted. I used search and came up with no results. The first link is the actual video up for discussion. It shows a person quickly spinning a psi wheel under a glass. he goes to great lengths to show his materials and try to disprove a hoax. The second link is of a man who decided to try and debunk the video. I am pretty sure its a fake after watching the second video but it was still an impressive attempt.



psi wheel explained

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Posted (edited)

Ummm.... mattman already told us it was fake and how he did it.

Mod's please close this.

But thanks for caring. The majority of the people here know this already.

Edited by llynx

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