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Chasing phantoms on film

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user posted image rFor more than a century, photographers have been capturing spooky stuff on film: semi-transparent figures standing in the cemetery, for example, or glowing clouds of "ectoplasm" above a seance table, or orbs floating in a forest, or arcs of light encircling someone's head.

Ghostly pictures play a key role in the plot for the horror flick "Shutter" - and the movie's producers are asking people to upload their own spirit photographs.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: MSNBC Cosmic Log

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Photos tend to fall into one of three groups :

1. Out and out hoaxes, which are made all the easier in this age of digital photography.

2. Environmental problems that conspire to create strange images on pictures - camera straps, dust, energy, etc...

3. Unexplainable things - very possible ghosts or other supernatural beings.

The problem is distinguishing numebr three from 1 and 2...

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