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Drunk, violent, promiscuous...


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I disagree with pretty much everything you say.

The world has always been close to sh**.

Remeber the uprawr when rock music came about, or those darn machines stealing human jobs, or whatever nonsense the older generation had to complain about.

Sure there's a problem, but don't blame booze and weed, if anything weed should be legalized (for those of an appropriate age of course)...

Its the world created by adults that is ******g over this generation, its YOUR world... youth are just having a hard time adapting when we know that every desicion you make is bring us closer to our doom, either through a broken enviroment, nuclear war, or pointless political unrest that is tearing nations apart...

I guess some people might not like the TRUTH tho... cya.

I agree you are right upon your views, My leaning was upon it being every ones problem , and the weed and booze getting called out as ok in their proper use, sure, but just the same as Guns get called out and defending them is mass global cop out, Youth, and old farts alike. I would gladly toss away my guns and wine and booze and any other thing taking this would down for the bettering of the global community, I know it’s a Dream and big one, some see it as a very irrational and or crazy dream, Some say I am a dreamer, but I ain’t the only one Bro…I think the last guy that made that popular took a bullet if I am correct


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An Idealist for sure.

There will never be "peace" only stability.

We got to try man, if we don't its going not get bad, or worse, as it is way past those points already, if that makes any sense, I mean yah the world has always been in a violent way, it is life, but Life will not be very livable if we keep things escalating in a downward spiral, These elderly people here, when I talk to them, they are scared, no beyond scared man, they are overwhelmed and numb in the disbelief. Look Bro, I am not at all trying to be a doomsayer here, I am just calling it like I see it, straight up and clean, putting regions aside, we don’t have a future nor do these kids, my kids and yours, not if people do not call it as enough is enough, and make a move on a mass world effort, do you know who is going to stop this craziness,…Mothers, young and old and grandmothers, they are going to stand up and change this world…and please I am not even talking politicians, kings, queens and parliaments, people are going to say no more!!! And moving in action as a mass motion for peace. Just being unreal but I have to try right, give me something for caring, for wanting for all and every equally. ok then a mass movement for stability then, I am in...


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I think the problem is- almost the opposite of eugenics.

We encourage and have been doing so, for many years now; stupid people to breed and reproduce.

Stupid people are the problem. :)

There, that wasn't hard. Now, the hard part is the solution.

mmmh thinks hard... taps fingers....

erur.... no, not that..

mmmh....er concentration camps? No? maybe help people concentrate?

Just thinking out aloud... brain storming session, no need to fuss.

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