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Spiritual warfare / Astral Combat

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On 4/4/2008 at 9:27 PM, Pteriax said:

Ok, you do not need to believe it, understand it, or read it. I promise I will not force you to.


Thank you. Any particular bit catch your eye? I have put a lot of years of research and experience into it.

I liked the OP a lot.  I have seen much of what you say to be true.

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Hmm, from what I recall this has been massively edited down :S...  /thinks... how could... how is a summarisation even... remotely, that is, conceivably, possible, left eye starts to experience like a head-ache as I try to imagine that task...  Lord...  Back when I didn't realise 3D includes time, sort of, 2D is 3 spacial, bla bla cbf with this at this time...  Mind is still massively reeling at the crossover of virtual (as reflection of  projection, that is, no emittance, that is what virtual is, I think, it is real though, virtual reality kind of messed with the conception that's closer to what, umm, binaural beats are than what is actually virtual.  Simulated reality as actual virtual still has me nervous af, images of like green and gold where yellow is easiest to see colour and green is used for Sci fi effects...  Oh and computer yellow is green simulated, idk, makes for an awesome mental conception related to watching movies, especially older before anyone thought of any of this stuff, it's perfectly conceivable that what one sees alone (due to quantum collapse stuff) includes imagery unique purely to Self. This **** doesn't leave me alone, smh...  I think white gold is used in circuitry boards nowadays for precisely this reason (don't think there's a better conductor, can't conceive of a computer designed out of fibre optics, for example...) 


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