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Odd Dream

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A little note before I start... I feel kinda awkward putting this on a forum.


I had a dream about this man. I don't really remember the whole beginning of the dream but I remember him taking me into his house.There were train tracks leading to a wall. He was a kind,gentle person. When he left, he told me not to open this one vase. Or pot, whatever it was. So he left with some other guy and I was left there alone. So I don't really know why, but I open the vase. Just after that a young girl stood to the left of me.She said something--and something was surrounding her--a frightening thing.It looked like a monster but in a shadowy greenish black form.She was saying something scary and yet not scary. I remembered rushing to stand on the train tracks. After that happened, she stopped with that shadowy stuff. The rest of the part went blank--I can't remember it. But I remember the kind man and me sitting above a lake. He had his arm around my waist and I was leaning my head against his shoulder. And I felt really loved and cared for. After that I can't remember. But at the very end of the dream I remember feeling homesick. I missed my home, my family. So I asked the little girl if I should go home. She said yes. I asked the gentle man's friend if I should go home, he said yes too. Then finally I asked the kind man and he nodded with a yes. I asked if I could come visit again, but there was no answer.

After that I woke up with a few tears in my eyes.

There was another dream about 2-3 months later. It was about a war. The sky was super red and orange and I remembered being in some broken up place. Some lady told me I didn't have much time to leave the place. She said I could only take eight things with me. So I rememberd ravaging through shelves and for some reason I took some pictures. I remembered looking into them and seeing the same man from the first dream. He was with me in that picture. But I was desperately trying to pull out this other picture jammed in between the picture frame. But I didn't have time, so I ran but was chased by dogs. That's all I remember.

So there it is...

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