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Grandpa Greenman

Traditional Celtic Triads

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Grandpa Greenman

Three things from which never to be moved: one's Oaths, one's Gods, and the Truth.

The three highest causes of the true human are: Truth, Honor, and Duty.

Three candles that illuminate every darkness: Truth, Nature, and Knowledge.

— Traditional Celtic Triads

Here is the base of the morality of neo-Celtic Paganism.

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What deities do the neo-Celtic Pagans have? What is your thoughts on the religious practices attributed to Celts from the writings of Julius Caesar and are they part of the reconstructionism of neo-Celtic Paganism? Do faerie or sidhe play any part?

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Grandpa Greenman

What deities you follow depends on what pantheon you follow. I follow the Tuatha Dé Danann which is the Irish pantheon. Here is a site that lists them. Click here.

There are three hundred Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic peoples of Central Europe and the British Isles. As far as human sacrifice goes there is no evidence of human sacrifice in Ireland according to Ronald Hutton, but other parts of Celtia there is. I am not a reconstructionist Druid, I am a neo-Druid. I know there is not enough evidence to recreate the religion of the Celts in its ancient form and I am not sure we would want to. Most of us take what was is best of what is left and go from there.

Here are some books to help you with Druidry.

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles, Their Nature and Legacy, by Ronald Hutton.

Philip Carr-Gomm. Druid Mysteries

John Michael Greer. The DruidryHandbook

Peter Berresford Ellis. The Druids

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