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Hunted House :S

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Hey! Well i've just come across this forum, and have decieded to let you in on MY own experiences!

Okay, my most resent was at my friends house. She's always swore that her house was hunted, and it has always been a lil scary. But one nite when i stopped at hers, we stayed in her sisters room - which is where she thinks the activity is! and we was just talking about the spookiness of her house etc and suddenly we had this strong sense of odur...really cant xplain it but it erally drifted across the room. the her clock flew off the wall!!!! we **** ourselfs!!! Another time at hers, me and my boyf stopped in that room, while my m8 stayed in her room...anyway me and my man was just talkin on the bed and there was the loudest, most promenent knocks on the door!!!! i yelled maz and she was like saaaam?! that was soooo scary!....her house really is scary!

My own house experiences though were just when i moved in to this house 3 years ago. My dad had died 3 years previous, and so i think i was still really upset kinda...but when my mum was on the fone regestering us at the docters, she came to my name and there was the loudest the dinning room, we have glass pictures that are had fallen down and smashed to smithereens! Not to mention it was the one i used to think was a pic of my dad! Another time in the dinning room, me and my sis was eating and the door handle came down as if someone was coming in...and the door opend...but no body was there....... ohmy.gif

My room also....ive had lightbulbs fly out the lighting, my door knocked, my tv turns off!!!!! its all stopped now i think...but there was soooo much activity in this house it freeked me!

well...what do you think of my experiences? tehy scared me anyway! crying.gif


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Sounds like you've had some terrifying experiences, Sam!

It seems you and your friends house have had alot of activity in them.

It's possible the ghosts in your houses aren't exactly friendly..

It may be because they still regard the house as their own, or they're just unfriendly!

But if you want some kind of help, here's something I believe will deter them.

It's sort of a Wiccan thing, but it worked for me!

First, you will need some salt. I'd recommend sea salt, as it apparently works the best.

Then, sprinkle the salt in your room.

Around your bed, across the room, anywhere.

Hope I helped ya! thumbsup.gif

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