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Day Dreamer

What is the meaning of life?

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To intercept a rugby pass!

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Well, I must say that so far I agree most with Talon's response being the most logical answer.

Beyond that, I'll just toss in that due to the variations in the human mind, each person technically has his own reality. Any action, belief, or desire is a result of that apparent reality. As such, the meaning of life would obviously vary greatly from person to person. So, as a general answer applicable in most cases, I'll say that the meaning of life would be the pursuance and attainment of self-actualization. Or, simply, as foamy the cartoon squirrel put it, "To know yourself."

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Why does life need a meaning? Many people search for a meaning in different ways, weather it is god or something else, everyone is just trying to figure out why am I here?

IMO life has no meaning, we humans just give it a meaning so life would essentially not be a pointless thing (Hence eternal afterlife in heaven with god was thought up). Thinking about life without a meaning is sad, it really is. Dieing then have there be NOTHING after that is depressing because we love living. If humans were not around the universe would keep doing what it is doing, like in the other galaxies ( some not all :]) where there is no intelligent species, the universe is still continuing without meaning. I don't ever think there will be a answer to this question that relates to the masses, but just what you believe in your head is good enough.

Some of those who think love is the meaning of life, remember that love is something unique to humans. Meaning that it was developed though the process of evolution. What else is an intelligent species to do? But ponder a deeper meaning to something like reproduction, I think that is what we are doing now, finding a deeper meaning in life so it wont be pointless.

To put it bluntly: Life has no meaning, and needs no meaning [to flourish.] ( To me at least :tu: )

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idk if i think about it, life is pretty "fluke-ish" if u dont believe in a god. i mean, think 4 billion years ago or what not, organisms started evolvin on this planet, and here we are as human beings.

if you dont believe in a god, i think the meaning of life would be the same as like, a mosquito: born, raise to fully grown stage, reproduce, and die :P. everything in between there is what you give meaning to

if you do believe in a god, then life i think is about learning lessons about one's self and the lessons and laws of the universe and that each situation that comes along in our existences gives us opportunity to learn those lessons.

...or just listen to Monty Pythons song "Meaning of Life" :)

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