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Intense vibration experience

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hi :)

i'd like to share my intense weird experience and see what you guys think of this ^^

Note: This all happened yesterday,and is an accurate representation of my experience,Nothing has been made up or added for sensation.

I've been working with brainwave entrainment meditation techniques lately (Tho very very limited with few progress as I dont have access to decent training guides atm,I'm mostly working with QuantumMindPower's monaural & isochronic BWE atm)

However,During the first experience I was just sitting behind my computer reading & browsing some forums.

All I did was simply ponder about what God,the All,the One,was

I came to the idea that it could be some light ball (in which we,our universe,exists) with a current of energy/electricity going through it.

so I closed my eyes..and visualized just intense ball of light with lightning flashes..

it was at this moment that the weirdest experience of my life started

I immediatly felt INTENSE VIBRATIONS starting around my pelvis area,as my mind helt the image they became more & more intense

It felt like my mind was lifting up.

along with the vibrations,I felt INTENSE joy & arousal (to the point that I became very very aroused in a sexual context)

then I let my mind return to normal waking state, still i felt vibrations around my pelvis/tummy area (to the point that an hour later I was STILL feeling a sensation,tingling in that area)

this was very akward,and I just HAD to go further with it ^^

so I put up the QuantumMindPower's Shuman Resonnance track (a very powerful BWE track that brings your brain waves to theta state pretty fast)

laid down and started the same.

I was able to summon the vibrations almost immediatly (while simply thinking about going to a dream like state,the vibrations started again around the pelvis area)

and noticed I could control the vibrations,I spread em out

first to my chest,then my feet,then my shoulders,my head,and eventualy all of my body

at this point,my WHOLE body was vibrating VERY INTENSELY (as I said,i have been working with some mediation techniques which also conjure SLIGHT vibrations,THESE were nothing like it tho)

Eventho my eyes where closed,It felt like as if there was gentle light in front of it (Note:my room was dark)

then I tried to 'focus' the vibration energy at the pineal gland area

what I saw was amazing

the MOMENT I focused energy around my pineal gland,I LITERALY saw LIGHT coming from the sky connecting to my pineal gland area (note my eyes where CLOSED but I could SEE the light)

this probably sounds hard to believe,But I guarantee you its exactly what I experienced ^^

I finished off the session,and did some other stuff for a while.

eventualy,I tried a third time that day.

again starting with some BWE music,again I could conjure up the vibrations

tho they were ALOT less,it felt like I was unable to conjure alot of energy

it were weak vibrations..

now,today i tried again

Unfortunatly..I was unable to summon any intense vibrations

I could get some vibrations tho,but the regular ones u get while using certain mediation techniques in theta state of mind.

Even when trying to visualize the ball of light with energy..nothing

I didnt feel any tingling or sensation in my pelvis/tummy area either (which I felt the day before for several hours^^)

Anyone have an idea what this was or had any experience like it?and why I am unable to get those intense vibrations again?

P.S: sorry for bad grammar,english is far from my native language ^^

Edited by darksoul_

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Sounds like you almost astral projected...There are many topics on this forum about it..I'm guessing AP, because the vibrations are part of the exit process, they're very neat aren't they? Read up on AP...

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you were not expecting anything the first time.

you were the second.

let go of ego and id and try again.

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I got a joke. But if i say it i got the feeling i'd be banned lol.

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Good work darksoul, keep practicing and I see some interesting experiences coming your way. As someone mentioned, it did sound like you were close to astral project. What you describe is probably the mos common thing to experience before astral projecion, as well as after it when coming back. It is often coming along with body paralysis, and can as well be experienced during sleep paralysis, and I highly recommend that you keep on doing just what you did to get to that state, if you would like to astral project and explore your true self and the beyond.

For further questions feel free to either PM me, read my other articles and threads on the subject, or simply ask me anything related to this specific thread here.

Profound peace be with you!


Frater EA

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