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Fun With Psi !

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these things are propety of ---->

Pass the construct

Learning Objective:

1. Be able to successfully create a construct.

2. Be able to successfully program it.

3. Be able to send a construct long distance.

How to play:

1. Create a selection pool. I generally use the following:

1. Shapes - Cube, Sphere, Pyramid, Cylinder.

2. Feelings - Tickle, Tingle (numb), Cold, and Hot.

3. Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

2. Now that you have found out what you can use pick a sender.

3. Once that is decided create the construct with the desired properties, and make it "hold its form" by programming it to do so. I won't explain this process because that's not what this article is about.

4. Now that you have your construct send it to the receiver.

5. If you are the receiver hold a hand open to accept the construct then mentally brush over it... As well as feel it physically. You have better results if you do both.

Beach Ball

Learning Objectives:

1. Be able to create a construct.

2. Be able to program a construct.

How to play:

1. Get together with a friend or two.

2. Create a large sphere of psi.

3. After you have made that distance yourself apart, and volley the ball slowly to the next person. When you go to volley it, make a motion. So that the person knows you have received it... He or she will do the same. And if it follows according to your generally idea of the location, Good job!

Cooperative PsiBall

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn to manipulate Psi.

2. Learn to create a construct.

3. Learn to program a construct.

How to play:

1. Get together with two or more friends.

2. Form a circle with your friends.

3. Once the circle has been formed begin pumping psi into a sphere, or any other shape, in the center of the circle.

4. Once the shape is done, program it to hold form. And start putting in other properties.

5. Make sure it can last. Take your hands away (if you used them) and wait until your nerves are rested. Then, place your hands into the shape. If you feel it, cool. If you don't, that's alright. Try again


Learning Objectives:

1. Be able to move Psi.

2. Be able to create a construct.

3. Be able to send constructs long distance.

How to Play:

1. Find someone to play with about the same skill level as yourself.

2. As fast as you can create a small psiball.

1. Program the psiball's shell to stay firm, until impact.

2. Program the contents of the psiball (Stuff on the inside) to feel slimy/gooey/wet.

3. Exchange constructs with your friend.

well there you go, these seem really fun but im still kinda iffy on how to program the paint ball to get the shell to stay firm till impact, AND wet AND beeing able to throw it manualy if you have advise please post it, if not, have fun with theses games :tu:

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Posted (edited)

oh thanks for posting. Sounds interesting

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Something my group did which was fun, interesting and (to me) more remarkable because there was objective result, was to practice ESP sending exercises using magazines. One person would pick a scene or ad or picture out of a magazine, get a good image of it in his mind, and "send" it, while everyone else would try to "receive" it and write down or draw their impressions. At worst, we got some totally outlandish and funny results, at best, we got some remarkably accurate results.

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ok cool sounds fun

umm as i said before i need help on psiball paintball, and how do you "see" the beach ball game so you can play it?

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