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Harriet The Ripperologist

!950s Cannibalism Satire

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Harriet The Ripperologist

My mum is talking about this film which she says is a satire on the 1950s about cannibalism and American society. The only scene she can remember is one with a woman in a 1950s dress pulverising really red meat in a blender, making it into meatloaf and serving it up to her family. Apparently it's a really dark little film but she cannot remember the title or any actors. Perhaps Wayne Knight (Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park) or John Goodman? If anyone knows the name of the film I'd really appreciate it because now I fancy seeing it!

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I searched for this earlier. But I could not find any 50 movies that had cannibalism in them, however I did find some 70 movies with cannibalism.

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