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I dont know maybe I didnt understand what you where saying or maybe you get used to people being against you and assumed that I was too.

i didnt untill you said i was being mean to you sorry im not a mean person. im like a puppy!!

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briks hithouse

i wudnt say the world is any worse/ more evil than it has been in the past.

admitedly thers lots of fuxed up shiz that happens everyday all over the world, but then we are lucky enough to live in a time were more people than at any other time on history

have acess to healthcare/education/food/water/shelter, obviously we have a hell of a long way to go but i dont think we are in an any more evil time than say 200 hundred years ago.

chances are if u were born 200 years ago u wud probably be some sort of serf or prole working incredibly hard for little or no money for ur master/lanlord etc..

now this does happen today but percentage wise its really not so bad.

people love to go on about how bad everything is and yea.... a lot of the world is harsh but we are lucky enough to live in a time with the longest life expectancy ever. this point in time is better than 200/500/1000 years ago. even a hundred years ago life was a thousaned times harder, the technology/medicine etc just wasnt there, u were a hell of a lot more likely to die of some horrible disease a lot younger than now.

as regards people i mean we tend to live in huge cities nowadays which i guess breeds a certain indifference toward other people etc.. but i think thats only natural, people always say how horrible everyone is in a city especially where i am in london, but then all my freinds and nearly all the people i know i genuinly nice people who try to live in a decent humanistic way, and im sure this is true of most people. a million kind heart-warming unex[ected charitable things happen everyday in a city like london u just dont hear about them, they dont sell papers.

i dunno im ranting maybe im just optimistic, and i realise how messed up most of the world is, i just dont think its any worse than it has been in the past and i dont think the inequality and corruption is down to normal average everyday people.

im glad i was born at this point in history and not 700 years ago, we have a lot to b thankful for i just think people love to moan about how bad everything is wen really its not, humans are at an early evolutionry stage and we obviously have a lot to do to improve the majorities lot, but in general this is happening it just takes a long long time.

whhhoooo lots of words, dunno if that makes any sense.


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I could be wrong, but maybe the world has always been this evil and now we're just not hiding it anymore? Far fetched I know. And no, I've never been homeless, i don't know what that's like, but does the phrase "look out for number one" sound familiar to anyone? Maybe that's why the world is so twisted. We're surrounded by things that tell us that WE ARE ALL THAT MATTERS. There's hardly a value of human life anymore! Another thing, what's with all the finger pointing? It's always everyone else that is wrong, never the person saying it, oh no, they're always perfect. I forget who posted the Ghandi quote but seriously! Listen to Ghandi! I think he was a pretty cool guy! These are just thoughts from the world I know. But I'm young. I don't know much outside of the hustle and bustle of Orlando. I'm probably wrong! How I can be wrong just stating some ideas of mine, I have no clue! but someone probably will tell me that I'm wrong!

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I'd say the human instinct will always keep just about every person concerned for their own survival first. Creatures in general are at the core, a selfish creation. And that's why we still exist.

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I try to be the change I want to see in my community.

I found out the hard way that's it's nearly impossible to change the world... what I did find though is that you can first start at home, then branch out to your community; in that order.

I'm also a die hard believer in responsible giving. I know, it sounds crazy... but I won't give to any cause I haven't fully investigated. I give generous dollars to some organizations specifically. I give generous time and no dollars to others.

You likely will NOT find me giving money to homeless people... but you might find me offering a blanket, shoes, or clothing. Or, I have been known to go into a restaurant and get lunch, and purchase an additional lunch to give to someone homeless. I often buy a cup of coffee for the homeless guy who sits outside my local starbucks with a sign "Homeless Please Help". He's been there every day for 3 years. I'm sure someone has tried to "help" as his sign asks, but sometimes, homeless people like their lives just how they are. I rather suspect this gentleman is NOT homeless though. Doesn't stop me from picking up a cup of coffee for him. Give him money? Never. Coffee, yes, a bottle of water, yes, a sandwich, yes, a nice smile and a conversation about the weather, yes. I even told him once that I'd help him find a safe place to live where he could work for his board and a small stipend (I know of a few places he could do that) and he declined. It's his life to conduct as he sees fit.

I give to food banks in the summer time when their food reserves are at their lowest, never during the holidays when everyone and their brother donating.

The chairity that gets my money (big chunks of it) is a local childrens charity where I know every single penny goes toward "uncompensated health care" meaning, it pays for childrens doctor bills who don't have insurance (or little insurance) and aren't covered by the state.

Special Olympics gets a lot of my time, and they get my old but excellent condition laptops as well. I get a new laptop nearly every year for work, the year to eighteen months old laptop gets refurbed and donated to SO. I don't care what they do with it, they can sell it, use it, give it away, whatever use they see fit is fine to me.

Giving is not something that makes me "feel good" .... it's a responsibility. And with responsibility comes a certain feeling of achievment and accomplishment that is true. But that's not a bad thing.

Recently, I've felt the pull to possibly doing some inmate job and education counseling. Finding resources for released inmates to help them stay on the straight and narrow and back in the work force. I'm still researching the best way to do this with for highest rate of success. I'm looking at a lot of volunteer programs still. So far, I haven't found quite the right one yet... but I'm working on it.

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