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Mini-heatwave makes Britons cancel holidays


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Mini-heatwave makes Britons cancel holidays

By Nick Allen

Last Updated: 3:50PM BST 09/05/2008

One in five Britons have cancelled their plans to go on holiday because of the credit crunch and the prospect of scorching temperatures at home this summer.

The warning came as forecasters predicted that parts of Britain will bask in temperatures the same as the Bahamas this weekend with a mini heatwave showing little sign of abating.

Just six weeks ago the country was shivering under a blanket of snow during a white Easter but today is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures in some inland areas touching 28C (82F) - more than 10C higher than average for the time of year.

That will make parts of England hotter than Rome, Istanbul, Casablanca, Crete and Malaga.

The majority of Britain is expected to see temperatures in the low 20s until Wednesday although there will be rain outside London and the South East.

A Met Office spokesman said: “We had snow only four weeks ago but now it’s wall to wall sunshine.”

Ladbrokes cut the price of the all time record temperature of 38.5C (101.3F) being topped this summer to 4/1.

A survey by price comparison website Savebuckets.com found one in five had cancelled their holiday plans, with the economic downturn and high food and utility costs contributing to the decisions of many.

Following the collapse of two travel firms last week some experts warned that the industry could face a crash as people stay home.

Chris Photi, of accountancy firm White Hart Associates, said: “This is the perfect storm. The travel industry is immensely resilient, but is it this resilient? All we need now is for the sunshine to continue for another three months and it gets worse.”

Beaches across Britain will be packed today and police issued a warning about the perils of “tombstoning” after hundreds of thrill seekers leaped into the sea from cliffs and harbour walls.

Officers said young people are risking their lives by hurling themselves into shallow sea waters from piers, rocks and cliffs and the craze has already led to several fatalities.

Full story, source: The Telegraph

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Mini heat wave being the appropriate word, we had two days of nice weather then today the rain came back, oh well I’m off on holiday in five days anyway!

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Man I wish it were in the 80's here.

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