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I am very surprised. Last night I watched a movie called dinotopia. I new the whole basis of the movie before it began. I remembered having a dream that was almost a false memory. I remember sitting in front of my television watching the basis of the movie except it was a little different. It had the same two main characters crash onto an island where they found a city filled with people and dinosaurs coexisting. And one of the two boys got a dinosaur which looked dead like the dinosaur in the movie. That was some parts of the movie which really left me surprised. And then my dream state I guess grew strong and something different happened or perhaps it was the future of the kids. One was on the giant triceratops like creature he received in the beginning of the movie except he was fighting a t-rex. The movie was based on a book that I never heard of and I have checked and the movie came out after I moved which means there is no way I watched it in my house. And I never watched scifi movies so it is impossible I saw it. All together it sucked since I ruined the movie for me and my father.

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