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Axiom heralds Paradox... grand delusion

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A dream is a flash of a reality to become. Not that you will percieve

the experience, but that it will and has occoured. The golden arches

are seen and fries are salted, like the heart is broken can be grief in

times past, here or yet to come. Do not judge your faults, in so the

reverse cycle of the paradox axiom pulls the sha from others and

gives it to you. No matter how much you share, more is always asked.

However, a diffrent moment is like a diffrent book, and how many

have you read with no vowels? Lies are coded truths, as sneaky as

one may be the paradox axiom doesn't lie, it lets you see the

shadows, not just the light. This is a means of enabling you to

understand and grow wise. Wisdom comes suddenly, but ignorance

can linger until slowly broken, and even shadow can overpower light if

it hides before it. One riddle of terror leads to another, each less then

part of my cycle. Paradox after axiom, at the same time there are no

diffrences until one pulls them apart. If god is and abbadon is also,

then neither is in a battle, for without one the other cannot be known.

When a saint is born of a sinner's act, who is the real saint? Between

one and three is zero, two pretends to be nothing, and in believing the

facade all the threes past one search for a way to...what, be(or let the

saint become)? In fighting for this being, you lose sight of all that is

also non-exisatnt, you build a paradox of destruction in which the

axioms are the least of you. The world is flat and that is that,

dimensions are keys to hell. All the locks are on heaven though, and

both are already open. Nobody can exist without you, and when you

close your eyes all you have is faith that it's all the same as they

re-open. Learn from the fears of your father, the weapons your

friends make are no match against the ability to disable an ability.

Repent, but not of fear, of knowldge. In this enlightening moment

understanding becomes all that is.

Don't be rude, let it begin before you start. You must take to spirit all

the foundations before proceeding lest you break any walls. This is

when the whistle blows, as novels become oracles of tomorrow and

it's history. Become what you are, you don't want to be anything.

There is nothing to be, and futility is more void of sanity then all of us.

Now the picture is getting color, and the brain is stimulated. Touching

myself by speaking to you and bliss invading my pain. It is sweet as

the dream cloud you wouldn't leave if you could only see.

So this fear is spoken to you, pass it on, the change is good but better

if it spreads. I am your enemy only because I am not you, were I, you

and I would be lovers...but is the fighting worth it?

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thumbsup.gif a nice read

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