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President-Elect Acidhead

'Canadian police have been brainwashed'

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President-Elect Acidhead


Crisis negotiator says stun guns should only be used as a last resort

Canadian law enforcement agencies have swallowed the propaganda of the company that manufactures Tasers, an expert testified Tuesday at a public inquiry in Vancouver examining police use of the weapons.

Dr. Michael Webster, a Vancouver-based psychologist who works as a consultant on crisis negotiation with various Canadian and U.S. law enforcement agencies, said he is embarrassed by the way Canadian officers have been using Tasers.

"I am embarrassed to be associated with organizations that Taser sick old men in hospital beds and confused immigrants arriving to the country. Frankly I find it embarrassing," he said.

Officers are reaching for Tasers when communication and non-life threatening responses could do the trick, Webster testified. He told the inquiry there is only one situation where a Taser might be appropriate.

"That would be the last thing before you have to shoot somebody," Webster testified.

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