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Does TAPS Fake Their Evidence?

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i enjoyed the first season of DT, it was fun. but i'm so OVER the "ghost hunting" on the show. it seems so fake and forced.

like in the first season when the cameraman is sitting in the woods, and he gets yanked back suddenly and "thrown" into the woods. that was startling when i first saw it, and i thought "holy turdz! they might have caught something there!" then they wrapped up the shoot, and it dawned on me that footage could have been replicated through cgi or at least a pulled cable.....and i thought about how they reacted to what happened......

no follow up....they just called it a night. they just pulled the plug. if something like that happened "for real", i'd be back in the same place trying to replicate something similar. yet, they just wrapped it up.....if they're trying to prove something exists, why just bail when something supposedly happens that is unexplainable?

they should leave the "ghost hunting" to the "professionals" and stick to being "Extreme Monster Quest"....that premise is at least enjoyable to watch.

Amen ! thumbsup.gif

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Of course its fake silly. Everything those buffoons do is fake.

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Peter Gozinem

Personally I sometimes can't stand the interaction at the end of the show between Grant/Jason and the proprieter of the place that they investigated. It can be such a jerk-off session at times lol; almost like G and J are playing some asinine version of "good cop/bad cop" with the person across the table (although it's more like "gray cop/gray cop") in order to not dissappoint the person with whatever the investigation discovered.

Whenever they are preparing to present what they consider to be some quality evidence, Grant is always slightly giddy with anticipation although he tries not to over-act it, while Jason sits there with an almost obvious inner-grin on his face.

Whenever they are preparing to potentially dissappoint the client with a lack of credible evidence, Grant has the disposition of a guy that is standing next to a friend that he is prepared to abandon as soon as convienently possible because they just ran into a big bully out for blood, while Jason lets Grant do all of the preliminary talking while having the disposition of a personal bodyguard lol. It's just too funny.

I love the episodes where TAPS doesn't find anything, but during the post-investigation interview, the client remains "cordially resolute" in their belief that something is there. The person be trying his/her best to mask their obvious dissappointment and utter contempt of the results lol.

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