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young people decorate with homemade tattoos

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I guess you could call it the "original" way to get a tatoo. Thinking on that, I'd rather have it done by someone that knows what they're doing, with the right equipment. If you make a mistake, it'd be pretty hard to fix :P

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Honestly, I don't see the point in big, elaborate tattoos. If I get one, it will be a single, simple rose like my mother's, on my left shoulder. My stepdad's is awesome though. He's got a big panther climbing out of his back. It was never finished though.

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The Wise Raven

I always wanted a tattoo of a chineese dragon up my left arm 0.o dunno why,but I'm scared of needles so I chickened out,btw I was to scared to get my own ears pierced!,meh I kinda went off the idea of getting a tattoo though over time anyway after seeing old ones just kind of sagging when you get older totally just put me off. What those guys did is just crossing the bounds of stupidity,seriously if you wanna tat go to the pros! Messing with your body like that is just plain self-mutilation in my book.

BTW! slighty off-topic but my best buddy has a dark mark tattoo on his arm! Just like this guys:


if you search for 'dark mark' in google images you can see a load like my friends....I dunno where he got the stones to actually go through with it,or WHY HIS PARENTS ACTUALLY GAVE HIM PERMISSION! some people are just plain lucky <_<

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