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alright, i want information!

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there is a poem i wna to find. its called the listeners, but i dont now the poet so can t find it. to jog your memory, its a story where this fellow rides in, knocks on an old castles door a couple times, and yells that he did his side of the deal, he came here, but no one met him, so tell his lord that hes goin now. the echo is herad by listeners, who let him ride away unpaid. but the story does not tell what the listeners are, what they were doing, and its truly creepy.

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thats the one! thanks alot. now, lets talk about what you think the listeners were, what the traveler was doing, and what the bargain was.

i like think the listeners were the harbingers of death, and that the man had made a deal that he would not be visited by them, so living forever. 'the last man left awake' could mean that he was the only man not to know the sleep of death. the rest is for your imagination.

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sorry, but ghosts are just a little too mundane for me........

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Cool poem but If you want some real freaky stuff Read "Dolores"

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Here is a cool one for you, mudboots...

Hear the rime of the ancient mariner

See his eye as he stops one of three

Mesmerises one of the wedding guests

Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the sea.

And the music plays on, as the bride passes by

Caught by his spell and the mariner tells his tale.

Driven south to the land of the snow and ice

To a place where nobody's been

Through the snow fog flies on the albatross

Hailed in God's name, hoping good luck it brings.

And the ship sails on, back to the North

Through the fog and ice and the albatross follows on.

The mariner kills the bird of good omen

His shipmates cry against what he's done

BUt when the fog clears, they justify him

And make themselves a part of the crime.

Sailing on and on and north across the sea

Sailing on and on and north 'til all is calm.

The albatross begins with its vengeance

A terrible curse a thirst has begun

His shipmates blame bad luck on the mariner

About his neck, the dead bird is hung.

And the curse goes on and on at sea

And the curse goes on and on for them and me.

"Day after day, day after day,

we stuck nor breath nor motion

as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean

Water, water everywhere and

all the boards did shrink

Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink."

There calls the mariner

There comes a ship over the line

BUt how can she sail with no wind in her sails and no tide.

See...onward she comes

Onward she nears out of the sun

See, she has no crew

She has no life, wait but here's two.

Death and she Life in Death,

They throw their dice for the crew

She wins the mariner and he belongs to her now.

Then...crew one by one

they drop down dead, two hundred men

She...she, Life in Death.

She lets him live, her chosen one.

"One after one by the star dogged moon,

too quick for groan or sigh

each turned his facce with a ghastly pang

and cursed me with his eye

four times fifty living men

(and I heard nor sigh nor groan)

with heavy thump, a lifeless lump,

they dropped down one by one."

The curse it lives on in their eyes

The mariner wished he'd die

Along with the sea creatures

But they lived on, so did he.

and by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

With heart he blesses them

God's creatures all of them too.

Then the spell starts to break

The albatross falls from his neck

Sinks down like lead into the sea

Then down in falls comes the rain.

Hear the groans of the long dead seamen

See them stir and they start to rise

Bodies lifted by good spirits

None of them speak and they're lifelesss in their eyes

And revenge is still sought, penance starts again

Cast into a trance and the nightmare carries on.

Now the curse is finally lifted

And the mariner sights his home

spirits go fromhe long dead bodies

Form their own light and the mariner's left alone.

And then a boat came sailing towards him

It was a joy he could not believe

The pilot's boat, his son and the hermit,

Penance of life will fall onto him.

And the ship sinks like lead into the sea

And the hermit shrieves the mariner of his sins.

The mariner's bound to tell of his story

To tell this tale wherever he goes

To teach God's word by his own example

That we must love all things thaat God made.

And the wedding guest's a sad and wiser man

And the tale goes on and on and on.

by Steve Harris, Iron Maiden

based on the poem by Samuel Coleridge

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Finally found a link to Dolores so to Dolores

I won't post it here,not due to copyright (it's public domain) but due to length. And it is very morbid and some of the subject matter may be found offensive to some....Anyway Enjoy....

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