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Al Qaeda Leader Warns Of New Attacks

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In a new audio taped aired on the arab

news media Al Jazeera Al Qaeda is once

again making new threats.

I think with the good chance that Osama

Bin Laden now being surrounded this is

a final or last stand. they are warning

that they have attacks planned for

New York City and Washington DC.

But we have heard this before, Do they

mean it this time?... Your guess is as

good as mine!

There was more posted on another arab

news media site but it is in arabic.

so all I can post a link to for now

is the english version of Al Jazeera.


Would love to hear your thoughts and opinons!

By the way I have posted a link to an

Arab run news media site because I have

heard in other threads that the US

media is biased!

I may be set in my ways and have my own

Opinions on many iussues... But I always

keep and open mind, and yes there are

always other sides to any or all issues.

Gazz grin2.gif

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