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Faith and Science

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Greetings and Salutations:

I found some references that might be of interest to people on this forum. They are:

Mansfield, Vic. 2007. "Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics."

Corresponding but quite different approaches to reality.

Birch, Charles. 2007. "Science and Soul."

Contributions of many of those who shaped the thinking of the 20th century.

Morris, Simon Conway, Ed. "The Deep Structure of Biology."

Twelve renowned scientists and theologians offer insights into the orthodox model of evolution.

It appears that the last one, in particular may offer some real substantive insight, particularly on the theological end of the scale, which has been sadly lacking on this site.

All are available through The Templeton Foundation (1-800-621-2736/www.templetonpress.org).

Another item of interest is:

Kerr, Richard A. "Two Geologic Clocks Finally Keeping the Same Time." In: Science. 25 April 2008, pp. 434-435.

The discrepancy between argon-argon and uranium-lead dating methods has been resolved.

The problem was a 0.65% error in the decay rate of potassium 40 to argon 40.

Both dating methods are now synchronous.

Happy reading.


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