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What if our world was merely a simulation?

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The entire universe is a simulation for our souls. Our higher selves.

We have many lives and plenty of continues to learn the rules.

We have had teachers come to earth to show us how to be better players, did you listen to the instructions?

If not, then you probably won't make it very far without help.

What kind of character are you? One that is in a group at the local Inn talking about possibly going on an adventure or one that is actually adventuring and learning the powers inside you? Remember, only when you reach a certain level can you use the powers.

Everyone starts out at level 1. Even if you die, you retain a certain amount of experience and your level in your next life.

There are many challenges, but if you don't play the game because you are afraid of failure, you won't see the beautiful new expansion areas.

Like in any MMORPG, you have to gain experience in order to unlock new abilities.

Are you gaining experience?


Are you just and NPC?

Just like MMORPG, we are all in this together and PK give not experience points.

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Whoever's 'playing' me needs some cheat codes so I can level up already. :(

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If our existance is a simulation, then that means the controllers out there somewhere are making us think about the possibility of being controlled by them (because they'd control our thoughts and actions), which simply wouldn't happen.

Even if we did discover that we were being controlled by something or someone bigger than ourselves, it wouldn't change anything as as long as we are here and human, we'd still be nothing more than a simulation unless we could find a way to change our form and leave earth, which still wouldn't be our decision anyway.

Ah. But what if we are just an Artificial intelligence experiment - a simulation run to generate AI lifeforms?

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ok..I gotta stop thinking now before I blow my brains out (will it say GAME OVER or sumtin if I do that) :unsure2:

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Maybe Agent Smith was correct. Humans are just a virus, so thus couldn't we be a computer virus (like a worm) that just continues to propagate and attack the simulations code. That would explain the glitches in the program, it is something we ourselves were programmed to attack and destroy.

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