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Iranian Radio Reports Bin Laden Capture

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Iranian state radio claims bin Laden captured

U.S., Pakistani officials deny report

The Associated Press

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's state radio, quoting an unnamed source, said Saturday that Osama bin Laden was captured in Pakistan "a long time ago." U.S. and Pakistani officials denied the report.

The report said that U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's visit to the region this week was in connection with the arrest. In Washington, a U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, denied early Saturday that bin Laden was captured.

The report was carried by Iran radio's external Pushtun service. The director of Iran radio's Pushtun service, Asheq Hossein, said he had two sources for the report that bin Laden had been captured.

A Pakistani military operation has been under way in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and a Pakistani official said previously that members of al-Qaida are being sought there, although bin laden was not a specific target.

Pakistani Army spokesman Gen. Shaukat Sultan also told The Associated Press that the report was not true. "That information is wrong," he said.

Speaking to the AP in Tehran, Hossein identified one of the sources as "Shamim Shahed, editor" of the English-language Pakistani newspaper The Nation in Peshawar. Hossein said Shahed told him Friday night that bin Laden was arrested "a long time ago."

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perhaps they're waiting to "capture" him before the election?

Now thats a very cynical view to take. lol rolleyes.gif

Surely politicians arent that slimey.

Im not a fan of bush personally but i dont believe that he would even play that one.

I think if they got him theyd tell us i mean no matter when the election is the american public wouldnt forget what would be a truly great acheivment in capturing the evil b******.

Lets just hopoe they get him soon.

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My personal opinion is that if/when Osama Bin Laden has been/is caught, the news will be hushed up. As he's such an icon for the fundamentalists and terrorists, his capture would more likely provoke his supporters into immediate action, and the terrorist atrocities would rapidly increase. Also, once Bin Laden is captured, there will only be someone else to take his place.

It would be better for the world, and especially his supporters, to think that he is still out there, ruling the roost, when he's not. That way there are no orders getting out to his supporters, because a.) he's not there, and b.) no replacement has been 'appointed'.

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