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Dark figure haunts visitors to Oxford Castle


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Well, this is really freaking...

For those who know Photoshop Shadow highlight feature, knows what I have done.

For those who don’t, shadow highlight let you adjust the shadow and highlights of the image.

In this image, I just opened it on the photoshop CS3 and removed the shadows of the image. Anyone can do this at home. You will get the dark figure at the center of the hallway.

The program does not consider it as shadow, thus not altering its appearance. It is bloody creepy. See below:

You essentially just proved that it's an even greater probability it's his shadow.

Shadow/Highlight doesn't "remove the shadows", in fact the software doesn't "consider" anything a shadow per se - it corrects darkened front image due to bright backgrounds, or the opposite. It comes down to differences in lighting. Essentially in this case we have the opposite. A brightened front image (the surrounding walls) with his shadow as the front image. The tool you used differentiated these two tones, removed the slightly lighter "background" and essentially made his center shadow more defined.


The Shadow/Highlight command is suitable for correcting photos with silhouetted images due to strong backlighting or correcting subjects that have been slightly washed out because they were too close to the camera flash. The adjustment is also useful for brightening up areas of shadow in an otherwise well-lit image. The Shadow/Highlight command does not just lighten or darken an image, it lightens or darkens based on the surrounding pixels (local neighborhood) in the shadows or highlights. This enables separate controls of the shadows and the highlights. The defaults are set to fix images suffering from backlighting problems. The Shadow/Highlight command also has a Midtone Contrast slider, Black Clip option, and White Clip option for adjusting the overall contrast of the image.
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I messed about with it and zoomed in and it looks like a arch in the wall with a statue in it.

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