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Green beings, decorated chamber

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Last night I had a really strange dream. I found myself in a richly decorated chamber filled with these light green people, they were humanoid but definately not human, they were sort of made out of green light and they floated around. At the end of the chamber were three thrones, I sat down in the one in the middle, on either side were one of the green beings. The one on my left I was slightly intimidated by, but the one on the right I felt it's presence really calming.

Then, (without anyone saying a word, the green things didn't speak), I suddenly felt a lot more threatened. The being on my left and several others of the green beings went out of the one door opposite the thrones and although I couldn't see them, I felt as though they were fighting something. The being on my right stood up and the doors closed, and that's the last i remember of the dream.

Here is a picture of the green beings, I'm quite bad at drawing, and even if I was the best artist in the world I would find it really hard to accurately draw them. They really did look like this, sort of made out of ovals of green light, and glowing green as well


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