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Recurring store.

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So, I think it must have been about a year back, I had a dream. I was walking into a store that sold cell phones (There may have been some other things, cameras and stuff.) The lights were all off, and I was the only one there. It was pretty darn small, probably no bigger than my bedroom. I was walking to the far end of it, when a guy came out of a really small room in the shop. He had a knife. I woke up before he did anything to me, though.

A few months after that, in a different dream, I went into the same shop. Someone came out of the room, and I ran out of the store. I think my dream went in a different direction after that.

Last night, I dreamed that I was in a house. It wasn't old or derelict, but all of the lights were off and I didn't really know why I was in there. So I went, "Crud," and ran out.

I was in this city, and I met my history teacher on the sidewalk. He seemed very worried, and he told me not to go anywhere. Then he ran off. I walked into a shop a few feet from me. It was the same cell-phone store. I went into the store, and I went into the room the guy came out of last time. And then I woke up.

So, yeah, I'm not as sure about the second time I had the store in a dream, but I'm certain about last night and the first time (I posted it on another forum.) I've never seen this store before, although the room that the guy came out of looks a lot like a room in my dentist's office (Which has a television.)

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eight bits

Welcome aboard, N.K. (or welcome back).

Last night, the lights were off in the house. Were the lights on or off in the store? What about during the second dream?

Is the store always the same size, about the size of your bedroom? Does it always carry the same merchandize apart from cell phones?

Do you notice that it is small while you are dreaming, or when you wake up and think back? What about the comparison with your bedroom, do you think that during or after the dream? Did you recognize the store during the second and third dreams, or only after you woke up?

"(Which has a television.)" - the real room in your dentist's office, or the room in the dream, or both?

In the first dream report, you wrote that you awoke "before he did anything to me." What did you think he was going to do, and why do you think that? Is there anything more you can say about the guy (age, physical description, did he say anything?, ...).

That's a lot of questions, I know, but it can't hurt to get you thinking about this :) .

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Oh thanks. =D

All of the lights were off in the store, in all of the dreams.

I think it was always the same size and shape. I didn't pay much attention to the merchandise, but I don't remember anything outstanding being different.

I don't really think about how small it is when I'm in there. The comparison with my bedroom came after the dream. I only recognized the store after I woke up, in both instances.

The real room in the dentist's has the television. I don't remember what the small room in the dream looked like, except it had a small chair in it.

I thought he was going to stab me. He was holding the knife very menacingly. It was a while back, so I don't remember it well, but as I recall, he had really pale skin, and he was probably in his... 30's? I don't know. He was definitely an adult, at any rate. He didn't say anything to me.

Also, I wasn't thinking of anything to do with stores or cell phones, or any of that before I went to sleep. Before going to sleep, I watched the first Lethal Weapon movie and finished reading the Restaurant at the End if the Universe.

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eight bits
Before going to sleep, I watched the first Lethal Weapon movie and finished reading the Restaurant at the End if the Universe.

You have good taste :) .

This could be a hard one to work out, because nothing recurs except the setting, and so far it is not a frequent recurrence.

Which is a long winded way of saying "beats me."

It could be as simple as your "inner playwright" having discovered the potential of this setting, and not yet having worked out what stories to place there.

It is a great set for one act plays, short stories, or films: dark, a public place apparently closed to the public when you visit, lots of toys around, with an adjoining room for you to explore and for things to emerge from, depending on the plot.

You might want to journal your dreams for a while, and await further developments, if any. You could even take the initiative and "active dream" - what would you, the waking you, do with a setting like that?

If you take the active route, then you might start with teasing out your feelings about the place, beyond the surface "isn't it odd that it's so small and the lights are off?" or even ask how you looked to the guy with the knife. For instance, are you his nightmare?

Good luck with it.

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if that room that guy holding the knife came out of was your dentist room then maybey it represented your fear of the dentist LOL

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