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Still Waters

Empathy in children

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Children between the ages of seven and 12 have a natural inclination to care, a study has found.

Scientists came to the conclusion after scanning the brains of 17 children shown animations of people suffering pain.

The aim was to see whether the children, like most adults, showed evidence of empathy in their neural circuits.

Empathy, the ability to understand what another person is suffering, is marked by heightened activity in parts of the brain that process pain responses.

The group of nine girls and eight boys taking part in the study were shown animations in which only people's hands or feet were visible.

In one, pain occurred accidentally, such as when a heavy bowl fell on a person's hands.

Another showed situations where pain was inflicted deliberately, for instance by stepping on someone's foot.

Scans showed which parts of the children's brains were activated as they looked at the images.

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Very interesting report.. Empathy is indeed a trait which is being attacked by everything in normal life these days.

I think it is essential for general well- being of our civilisation, the fact empathy is lacking in somany aspects (economics is a nice catalist for its destruction) is an indication to me we have a sick society heading towards selfdestruct.

I cant help but connect these attacks on empathy with 'the cremation of care' ritual (bohemian grove).

In reality this is given life by shifting care of children from the parents to the state, generally attacking the family unit, oversubscribing all kinds of 'legal' chemical drugs (vicadin, ritalin and such), media, economics etc. etc.

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