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Pope Of The Paranormal

whats you fave bands?

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Kamen Rider Girls

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Fave bands?

Hum, pretty tought one, i was in the club, music band biz, booked a lot of acts, many one or two hit wonders so i like a song not the "band" some musicians were real cool some dbags, so yeah.

So rather than type a mile long list i grew up on southern whiskey rock, hair bands and have done shows at bike fests, the club was punk alternative, dark, goth industrial, then my shows were everything from gaga to manson to two live crew,

needless to say i like a lot of different music from different scenes.

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1. Queen

2. Guns n Roses


4. Motionless in White

5. Van Halen

6. Linkin Park

7. Foreigner

8. Scorpions

9. Aerosmith 

10.  Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers 

I have many more favorites but these are just some of my top 10.


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