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Have you ever seen one?

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alien.gif yes i have seen a ufo i was walking home from a friends house and saw some lights in the sky that kind of made a triangle like lights at each point. the next day i called a friend and told him about it and he said he had seen the same thing. let me kno if anyone has seen a similer craft .
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2 stories

1. Driving down highway at night, about 8 years ago. Trees on either side, no lights besides my head lights on my car... when I saw a white glowing circular blob thing (best why i can descibe it, sorry), maybe 3-4 feet across come flying from over the trees on one side, then kind of swoop down, then go over the tops of the trees on the other side of the highway... When i saw it I hit my breaks, and came to a complete stop, then hesitantly asked the 2 passengers if they saw it... they did! no idea what the hell it was!!!

2. Cant remember exactly when, but it was a long time ago... looking up into the night sky. Me and 2 or 3 friends saw what i thought at first was a satlite or something crossing the sky... then we noticed 3 more of these lights in the sky forming a triangle shape, and all moving together (staying in the triangle shape)... we watched for like 20 minutes... they didnt just go in one direction either, they stopped dead for a bit and changed direction several times... then the 3 lights stopped once more, and they all went off into differnet directions and dissapeared out of view.

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i was going home from a gig ,im a dj,and i saw something like the belgian triangle ,it was about 200 feet in the air and didnt make a single sound ,i had my 15 year old daughter with me as well and we couldnt explain what it was at all, i followed it out into the countryside for about 5 miles but then got a bit worried as there was nothing else on the roads, it was about 1.30 am,so i came back into town,about three days later we saw it again at about the same time but this time it was over our house and my wife and son saw it as well,this happened in 1998,and i hadnt seen the belgian pics until today on this site

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