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A Note On File Attachments

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The file attachments have been re-enabled, however the new version is incompatible with existing attachments - which means that only attachments added after this point will actually work.

This does not effect images linked to from other web space, only attachments uploaded using the attachments feature. If you uploaded a previous attachment and would like it to be re-uploaded, you will need to edit your previous post and add the attachment again, or simply add it in a new post.

The attachment file size limit has now been reduced to 75k - so try to keep your images as compressed as possible. This is to help reduce server bandwidth, and also to help keep the web space usage down as low as possible.

If you have any difficulties or queries regarding file attachments, please let me know.

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An additional note on the file attachments :

A paperclip icon now appears on the message index to show an attachment is present on a post, and text files can now be uploaded as well as images.

I have downloaded all the old attachments, so if you are trying to re-attach an image to one of your old posts but you no longer have the image file, let me know and I will upload that image to your post for you. If you do still have the image file, all you need to do is modify your old post and attach the file using the file attachment box at the bottom.

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