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Black unexplained figure in a picture. ghost?

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Hey i just wanna sahre with u summin unexplained.

My father works on construction sites, as a roofer,

Today he came home and told me about sommin weird that he, or any 1 else on

the construction site couldnt exxplain,

hes working on a job in swansea, south wales United kingdom,

this is what happened,

hes working on a roof on scaffholding roughly 60 foot from the ground

he and his workmate were working on the scaffholding dunno what they were doign exactly,

one of his friends had their camera phone on them so he took a picture of my father and his friend

there was nothing behind them but a sheer drop off the scaffholding to the

floor of the building site,anyways he took the picture, and they just carried on with their work,

the guy that took the picture comes into work today, and shows my father what

his wife pointed out last night, my father looked, on the picture behind my father

was clearly what he made out to be about an 8 foot tall black figure that in the picture that seemed to be hovering off the side of the scaffholding, in mid air

it was a dark black figure with what he sed was a white face but there were no features, just plain and white.

my father has allways been interested in the paranormal but has never belived in ghosts b ut this has him convinced.

but they showed the picture to most of the men on the building site and most of them commented saying

"holy **** thats the grim reaper"

the strange thing is, no 1 saw the figure that day,

it only showed up on the picture, tomorrow his friend with the picture on his cameraphone .is coming to my house to show us the picture, as we have not seen it yet

but i will try to email the picture to my hotmail inbox, and if i do,

i will make sure that i post it on these forums.

im doing research on what building was there befoure to see if it can explain anything about what was in the picture

thanks to you those who have read, and i hope i can get the picture on the forums to share with you all original.gif

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Sounds interesting!

I'm looking forward too seeing that picture. grin2.gif

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Me too.

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mm sounds interesting, hope thepic is good!


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